Treat your Skin in Spring!

Treat your Skin in Spring!

As the winter season draws to a close, it is officially time for us to change many of our cold weather skincare habits.
Taking care of your habits and facial care routines is essential to avoid dermatological problems, such as spots, rashes, acne or irritations. That is why here we tell you some elements that you must take into account to prevent any discomfort with climate change.

What BASIC habits should you change in spring?

1- Choose a fluid moisturizer - Check out our Hand & Body Lotion

Be sure to swap out your heavy winter moisturizer for a lighter alternative. As the weather warms up, your skin naturally begins to produce more oil, making thicker lotions or creams too much for your cells to handle. Since hydration is important during any time of the year, you should stick with something that absorbs faster into the skin.


2- Use a Face Toner with Hyaluronic Acid + Botanical extracts

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When it comes to preparing your skin for spring, you have to remember to keep exfoliating. Although your skin won't dry out as quickly as it did during the winter months, it could still experience flaking in the spring. Keeping the exfoliation part of your routine is key to getting rid of dead skin cells and keeping your complexion clear.


3- Acne prevention


Next, try to anticipate the possibility of acne breakouts. Acne is very common during transitional climate periods, as the skin needs time to adjust to the new conditions. Start using lighter skin care serums and build up to a steady salicylic cleanser...if your skin is sensitive, our Salicylic Cleanser "The Wash" can work using a little (half of a penny size per cheek) if your skin is oily, use more until your skin gets used to it, then you can build up. Also, you may present redness during this time.


4- Choose a light foundation or a BB Cream.


Another thing you can do to acclimate your skin to spring weather is to reduce the amount of makeup you apply. This is because it can give your skin an odd texture or shiny appearance during the warmer months. Opting for a creamier foundation instead of powder can make all the difference by allowing your skin to breathe.

5- Stick with sunscreen


You will need to increase the amount of sunscreen you use. While you should protect your skin year-round, we all face a higher risk of sunburn in the warmer months. Applying sunscreen more frequently can be very effective for good skin health.

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