20 simple things I learnt to make my life a bit better

20 simple things I learnt to make my life a bit better

At Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy, we are always up for anything that will give us inner peace, self care, life lessons and self improvement, we stumbled upon this great blog article by Hamida Kurniawati (LinkedIn)


20 simple things I learnt to make my life a bit better

- Hamida Kurniawati

1. Everything is simple, simply start now

Do it, if you wanna go run, go run! If you wanna have a fancy dinner, go for it! If you wanna get up early and make a bed, make it! So does with other fears, no need to be scary, face it! Everything is simple as your first step does

2. Be aware of the sunk cost fallacy

“I better finish this book although I hate it, perhaps it’ll get better” if you don’t like that book, leave it, don’t need to continue. “Doesn’t mean a toxic person whom you just argued with today, will rush you a whole week ahead” you still have time to make everything better

3. A happy you is within you!

Though still, make your surroundings happy you’ll be happier too, the smile of your loved ones are precious, send them a text-only say, hey! Is everything good? Do you have time for 5 mins, maybe a random video call can make it better

4. Don’t wait for people to do stuff with you

Companionship is nice, but.. being alone is either, even so, does in a family matter, it’s also nice to have a wifey time, or a husby time should be good

5. Dressing cute for yourself doesn’t hurt anyone

look cute how you are, even no one will see you, because you will see yourself! Making it organized, and neat also is a good feeling!

6. Improve your sleep quality

Putting everything cleaned, and fresh, have a good pillow mist, tidy your bed and room, and just from that a slight change will improve the life better, waking fresher to restart the day after

7. Engage them, speak it, reaching the people with whom you want to connect with

Send them an email, and proofread it, rejection is nothing, how many rejections you had, try it out, will be more failures if you never try

8. Be friends with your neighbours

Send them food, and they will smile and appreciate you, kindness is everywhere!

Help them to move, ask them to come over, and have a nice tea together, life is so lovely!

9. You are more thank you think

Sometimes you feel nothing, but look at the bigger you, you are awesome, passing all obstacles on your own, have been so much standing out for yourself, your journey is clearly not smooth, but you reach this point, just so proud of you

10. Do it one! make one thing ready and others will follow

Will feel more relieved if you finish one than doing multitasking which can break your focus, make things done quickly, not must be perfect since you can make it better afterwards

11. Say what you mean and mean what you say

I think this is something that comes with age, stand by the words, no game, no testing people, content, present, it’s so much easier to accept how life unfolds when we can pride ourself

12. Be honest about your feeling, see deeply inside you

Also being honest to someone else that you don’t like how they behave toward you is also fine, nothing away more respected than away you know your true self. Yet still, feeling sorry and asking forgiveness after you did a mistake is also fine, we learnt every time to be better.

13. Accepting comments and opinions make a bigger you

Everyone is different, and we cannot please all people, what we can do is control ourselves and turnout beautifully, we see something else

14. Laughing out loud for yourself is never a bad idea

Sometimes you fool yourself, and laugh out loud is helped, sometimes you have done stupid things, not once many times but life is a bit funny either

15. Be active. Let your body moves! Eat greens more to cheer you up!

Take care of yourself, keep moving on, if you can’t go to the gym, do it at home if you don’t like running, go walking, if you like basketball with friends, ask your friends to play! Be balanced to your body, keep your body healthy, and yeah, Keeping flowers every day are also perfect! xD

16. Never go to sleep in a messy place

Not everyone is bothered by mess, but a messy space means messy minds for me. I cant peacefully go to bed, and knowing I will be waking up to a mess, making a new day with a new look, and a fresh atmosphere is also good for mental health

17. Walking out a bit if you feel much pressure on your head

Meet people outside, greet and smile at them, and look how sincere their smiles are even if they don’t know you. Life is simple as that thing be

18. Do absolutely nothing and having a great me-time is normal

Try to forget all your problems, enjoy your presence, try to connect with yourself, and learn how to gratitude

19. Never forget where you are from and your family is

You can’t choose from which family or parents you were born, what you can do is to love them how the way they are, you are a piece of nodes in this entire big world, you mean nothing but everything to your family, no one will be there for you unless your family is, your pain will disappear If you see your mom smile at you

20. Have a certain quality time to cry and surrender to your creator

No one knows you as your God knows you. Everyone can be judgmental to you, and neither with your God. He always listens to you, even if you did do something bad and come back to him, see how miserable you are and how patient He is, the one who always is there when you are at the lowest place. Always have a big space for Him to welcome your weakest soul.

This post was written on My birthday, dedicated to feeling gratitude for my age. Thanks for reading.


Source: Hamida on Medium

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