Balance For All: The Evolution of Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy

Balance For All: The Evolution of Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy

When Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy's CEO and founder Manny Fimbres received a lifechanging diagnosis from his doctors, his view of the world shifted dramatically, leading him to perceive things in a different way. Little things that he had never noticed before became more and more significant. Among other things, he gradually began to notice the time 11:11 on clocks, happening to glance at the clock at this particular time with unusual frequency. With the unshakeable feeling that the number meant something, a creative team explored various theories to understand what meaning this number could have that might be applied to life in a fundamental way. While many ideas came up for consideration, there was one simple concept that stood out:


Visually and conceptually, the number 11:11 represents balance. Imbalance is brought on by toxins and pollutants: not only in the environment and atmosphere, but in the very products we buy and consume, including food, drink and even our cosmetics. Impurities in the various substances we put on our skin and into our bodies interfere with the body’s natural state of alignment and harmony, throwing us comprehensively off-balance.

Being “off-kilter” in this way contributes to a plethora of illnesses, up to and including cancer. The even, mirrored appearance of the numbers 11:11 on the clock were soon reflected in a logo featuring the words themselves, and ElevenEleven Skin Alchemy was born.

The brand takes part of its name from the ancient concept of transforming substances from one thing into another. Alchemy – the transmutation of base metals or other common materials into gold – is the stuff of fairy tales, and has fascinated humankind for thousands of years. The deep and lasting impact of organic plants conjures alchemical magic in the form of replenishing power, transforming skin back to its freshest, healthiest iteration.

If that sounds good to you, then welcome in.

In a modern evolution of the alchemical concept, the Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy team seek to live by their motto: “All skin is welcome.” Everybody – every body! – is invited to experience the transformative effects of plants to rejuvenate and revitalize skin of all types.
This kind of goodness, the team believes, just shouldn’t be limited: At the core of Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy’s philosophy is a universal welcome and ultimate inclusivity.

Today, the Eleven Eleven Skin ALchemy mission is to create cosmetic and skincare products that are as clean and free of toxins as humanly possible. With every product all-natural, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan, Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy helps you to bring the purity of balance to your bathroom cabinet and cosmetics drawer, introducing the clean, pure products your skin needs to be naturally beautiful for life.

- Amber Leima

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