Let’s talk about SERUM!: Calming Redness Reduction Serum

Let’s talk about SERUM!: Calming Redness Reduction Serum

Inflammation of the skin manifests in numerous ways. It could be redness, acne, itchiness, facial dryness or general irritation. However it shows up, inflamed skin is unhappy skin. And… we have a serum for that!

Some inflammation is normal and healthy: our bodies actually utilize inflammation in the natural healing process. In terms of skin, some slight inflammation actually clears out toxins and renews cells. A low level of inflammation even stimulates collagen production, gifting skin with that elusive plumping effect: a phenomenon taken advantage of in the use of facial peels, lasers and other cosmetic technologies.

But as we age, life’s inevitable stressors – including those associated with diet, anxiety, exposure to sun and environmental pollutants – cause our skin to adopt an “always on” inflammatory response. Unsurprisingly, skin becomes exhausted at a cellular level as a result.
This constant level of stress-triggered inflammation becomes a vicious cycle that causes the aging process to kick into high gear, leading to skin aging faster and more aggressively.

Experts call it inflammaging” (Click to read more)

Enter Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy's Calming Redness Reduction Serum. If you use only one facial serum, this should be it. It’s truly the mother of all serums, meaning that it gets serious about kicking inflammation’s butt. With amazing plant-based ingredients known for their naturally anti-inflammatory properties, such as aloe vera, green tea and pomegranate juice , this wonder-worker is designed to soothe in a sustainable way. As the serum protects your skin and give it the space to heal, the cells can shift their efforts to good stuff like plumping, firming, and

increasing collagen production. (Pssst: to give skin a head start, we’ve also added extra collagen
to the serum.)

(photo credit: @thebestfacebeautyblog)

Calming and tenderly caring for skin that’s experiencing inflammation requires a gentle approach. As with all Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy products, our Calming Redness Reduction Serum is vegan, free from parabens, harsh chemicals and retinoids, which are best avoided in the quest to quell inflammation. To deploy the serum to best effect, apply in gentle circular motions to your face following your regular cleansing routine.


To compound the benefits of daily serum use, you can reduce inflammation with simple day-to-day lifestyle tweaks that will make a world of difference in calming your skin. Practicing mindfulness meditation to reduce anxiety can actually have visible effects in reducing facial redness. Avoiding carb- and sugar-heavy processed foods in favor of lean proteins, all the veggies, and healthy fats (hello, avocado!) will give your skin an anti-inflammatory advantage. In addition, shelter your skin from harmful and inflammatory UV rays with Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy's Moisturizing Sunscreen.

- Amber Leima

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