"No UV Rays for me, please!!!"

"No UV Rays for me, please!!!"

Today we are pleased to intruduce to everyone out there this new and upcoming Instagram Feed. If you are into detailed reviews and really want to know what is in the products you use for your skin, here is your chance to be in-the-know and shall we say: IN BIG DETAIL! 

Bryce is a thorough skincare enthusiast from Naples, Florida. On his way to become a licensed esthetician and we are keeping tabs on him. He graciously has become part of our brand ambassadors and spoken his mind on a couple of our products after having tested and proved what we generally put in our product descriptions. We highly suggest giving him a follow and turn on notifications, of course, never miss a post! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW

Read below his experience with our NOURISHING FACE & BODY SUNSCREEN SPF 30

@SkincareByBryce: (Instagram)

"Can you ever truly get enough sunscreen!? I legitimately don’t think so! 

And that’s why I was super excited to try the new @elevenelevenskin nourishing SPF 30 herbal sunscreen!
This is an SPF 30 mineral sunscreen that contains antioxidants and soothing herbs such as chamomile and calendula! And I love the idea of herbs blended with sunscreen! Just the thought of it intrigued me! 

It glides on effortlessly and doesn’t leave a white cast (just make sure you don’t apply too much of course! This goes for all mineral-based sunscreens!).

It’s broad spectrum which is also super important - no UV rays at all for me, please!!! I still have nightmares sometimes about waking up sunburned! That happened to me all the time in high school <*cries*>
I think this would be a fantastic sunscreen for those prone to acne since it is mineral-based, and Ialso it’s fantastic for everyday wear! It’s light, fragrance-free, and doesn’t feel too sticky which is a win in my book!

 My suggestion for men using mineral-based sunscreen is to make sure you have an oil-based cleanser, preferably a cleansing balm, on hand to help remove it! If you’re anything like me it can become difficult to remove from your beard area! The oil will help break the minerals down! Trust me on this one! 

And when applying your daily sunscreen, don’t forget your neck! The neck is one of the most difficult areas to treat as far as anti-aging goes! It’s also one of the quickest places to age, so make sure you’re slathering that in sunscreen too! 

Other places you shouldn’t forget are hands, ears, eyelids, and back of the neck! These are common spots for skin cancer since so many people forget them! 
So as the Australians would say, make sure you Slip, Slop, Slap!  Every single day!"


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