Environmental Repair Lipid Boost Serum

Environmental Repair Lipid Boost Serum

Whether you're indoors or out, your skin is affected by the environment.

From UV rays to blue light and pollution,“ all these environmental factors work by creating oxidative damage in the skin, which breaks down collagen and may also serve to damage the barrier function of the skin. A damaged barrier makes skin more prone to the ill effects of UV damage,” says Jennifer Chwalek, MD, a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City.

Oxidative damage or stress happens when the level of harmful free radicals present surpasses that of the neutralizing “good guy” antioxidants, according to an article published in Polyphenols in Human Health and Disease in 2014. - Source: EverydayHealth.com

One of our products in the Eleven Eleven Skin Alchemy Serums that we feel most proud of is the Environmental Repair Lipid Boost serum. This protective, anti-inflammatory serum cools and nourishes stressed and pollution-damaged skin while shielding it from sun exposure and boosting your skin’s natural defenses. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin, this Serum reinvigorates and hydrates to promote a healthy skin barrier. Our serum contains fatty acid ingredients needed to help repair cracked skin and restore the moisture your skin needs. Every Lipid Serum can be used for all skin types, even as daily use to keep skin from drying out or cracking.
Our Brand Ambassador @skincarebybryce from Florida has published a very thorough review that we would love to share with you. Take a moment to visit his Instagram and give him a follow, Bryce certainly knows his skincare. Review from Bryce is below:

"The verdict is in, I’m in love with the @elevenelevenskin environmental repair lipid boost serum! 🌿 The environment is a hardcore place, especially for our skin, and between UV rays and free radicals, were constantly at a battle to keep our moisture barrier strong and our skin protected. 🌞
I was pleasantly surprised with how much this made my skin absolutely glow (thank you, squalane and fatty acids!) and after a long day of wearing sunscreens, this was a nice, nourishing serum for my skin.

Because it’s oil-based, containing both rosehip and argan oil, a little goes a long way. I usually used just one pump mixed with my moisturizer and it truly felt like a hug for my skin! 🤗
I actually prefer to use this at night as a way of repairing and soothing any possible environmental damage that may have occurred, alongside Reservatrol!
I could actually see this being the only face oil in your routine, it’s THAT moisturizing! 💕

And while I cannot attest to the environmental protection aspect so early in the game (as with any antioxidant or environmental damage product it really takes consistent use over years, hoping I’ll be able to give you a year-long review of this, Curology, and The Ordinary Buffet at some point!) I truly do love it! 💕
I can say that it has been an awesome addition to my routine and I would highly suggest it for people with dry to combination skin. My skin tends to lean towards dry except for my oily T zone! *cries* 😭
As you all know I absolutely love supporting indie skincare brands and @elevenelevenskin is another one I’ve been impressed with!

I believe we always need to make space for smaller brands as many of them have been complete game-changers in this industry and rock the boat often with unique formulations and interesting products! 💕"

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