Plant Power in Natural Skincare, harness all the benefits!

Plant Power in Natural Skincare, harness all the benefits!

It is clear that there are many more, but at Eleven Eleven Skin we focus in the most used for the properties and benefits they bring to our skin and infuse our products with:

Chamomile: It is anti-inflammatory and soothing. For this reason, it is used to reduce the problems caused by burns (mainly those by the sun), but also for hives, it helps to calm the itching. The effects are immediately noticeable. It should be noted that thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also an excellent and smart natural remedy to reduce dark circles. In this case, you will only have to infuse 2 tea sachets (1 for each eye) and after 5 minutes, taking care that they do not burn, you put them on the dark circles. After 5-10 minutes you will see the result.

Calendula: being a moisturizing plant, it is ideal for dry skin in need of an extra dose of hydration. Taking one or two daily infusions of this medicinal plant and applying, once a day, a cotton ball soaked in this infusion on the driest parts of your skin, will help you keep it hydrated. In addition, calendula is also used to heal scars on the skin more quickly and effectively.

Hibiscus (Jamaica flower): in addition to being an infusion with a pleasant taste and beautiful to the eye, this medicinal plant is also included in the list of moisturizing plants, making it ideal for those who have dry skin. It provides vitamins C, B and A and has antioxidant properties, it helps to slow down skin aging and to regenerate tissue cells.

Aloe Vera: When you skimp on the sunscreen (unintentionally, of course) and end up with a monster sunburn, chances are you turn to aloe vera gel to soothe your scorched skin. Because it brings so much relief during the healing process—almost like a gooey superhero—you’ve probably wondered what else aloe vera gel is capable of.
“Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant known for its healing and medicinal properties,” says Joel Schlessinger, M.D., Omaha-based board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. “Its stems store water, creating a clear, gel-like substance in the leaves, which contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids.” The gel from aloe has been used throughout history to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as burns, frostbite, psoriasis, and cold sores, research shows. So does all the hype surrounding aloe vera gel mean you should make it a permanent fixture in your skin care routine? While research is currently limited on the benefits of aloe vera gel specifically, it does contain many well-studied vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C and E, leading experts to believe that it may offer an assist to the products already in your arsenal.

Green tea: due to its astringent properties, every time we drink a cup of authentic green tea, (like the one you can find in our online store or in any of the markets we visit) you will be helping to cleanse your body of toxins as they accumulate, and, therefore, to have a much more beautiful skin.

Hemp Seed Oil: hemp seed oil is often referred to as “hemp oil,” and it’s harvested by cold-pressing hemp seeds. Hemp oil is often unrefined. It’s a clear green oil and can have a nutty flavor. It’s different from cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which is an extract of the cannabis plant and utilizes hemp flowers and leaves for its production. Hemp oil is perfect for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores. It can even help to balance out oily skin, hydrating it and regulating the skin’s oil production. Dryness can also cause your skin to overproduce oil, which in turn, can stimulate acne. Hemp oil can prevent dry skin without clogging pores. This helps reduce acne that’s caused by excess oil.
One of the omega-6 fatty acids that hemp oil contains is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory while simultaneously encouraging skin growth and new cell generation. In addition to moisturizing and soothing the skin, hemp oil has anti-aging properties. Hemp oil can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as prevent signs of aging from developing.

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