Grooming the perfect stylized beard, what's your type?

Grooming the perfect stylized beard, what's your type?

It always happens, when you are going to shave one side is always better than the other. If you do it quickly and with the need to leave the house because you are already late, better not to touch ... because the worst results occur at that moment.
Today we tell you how to have a perfect beard thanks to the expert stylists at Panasonic, whether you want a full beard, want to work on the mustache, want to outline the sideburns ... And the fine line between a precise result and one to forget is very fine, especially when you start shaving, head, or you do not know the intensity well.

What kind of beard do you want?

Whether it's a three-day beard, stubble (or two weeks), long beard, short beard, Garibaldi beard, box beard, Ducktail ... The beard you choose changes your face, improves your physical appearance, changes your face. The look is like the perfect complement for a wedding day, a night out ... it's your style.

From changing the shape of your face to improving your physical appearance, your beard style has the power to transform your look. So why settle for just one style?

How to learn to trim

Whichever style you choose, the important thing is to have a uniform length. You can't leave 4 mm on one side, and 2 mm on the other, because in the end it shows. "It is important, when trimming the neck and jaw area, to move the razor in several directions to have a uniform result", they say.

Watch out for the neck

Beard down to the chin, just chin, or down to the neck? The well-defined neckline has the power to highlight delicate features, hide a double chin, and even help you look younger. According to the stylists, “To begin with, shave the entire beard that is below Adam's apple. Next, depending on the proportions of your face, shave the area of ​​the neck that goes from the Adam's apple area to approximately 5 centimeters below the jaw. Then shave the remaining neck area with a beard length that falls between that used on the neck and that used on the face ”, they say


Ears and cheeks

The great forgotten. For the cheeks, shave the unwanted hair using the blade for smooth and curved lines, many are the men who forget this gesture and it leaves a sloppy effect. Make sure you get a symmetrical finish. Next, shave unwanted hair from in front of the ear to the bottom of the jaw to create a clean line2. It is not always easy to differentiate temple and beard, so make sure that what you are going to shave is what you want.


Final details & Product Recommendations:

If you want your upper lip to appear a little thicker, one trick is to shave off the mustache above the lip a couple of millimeters. Above all, if you do not want to make this gesture, that the mustache hairs do not fall on your lip, it can be really annoying. "To tidy the hair around the lips, hold the trimmer at a right angle and follow the line of the natural contour of the lip." Ah, watch out that nothing you don't want comes out of the nose. There are wonderful nose hair trimmers, or you can turn to scissors in a pinch. Finish it up with taking care of texture and manageability with these products:

1- COLD BREW BEARD OIL (See product here)

Get the appearance of shiny, thicker and smoother hair by nourishing coarse facial hair and preventing scalp dryness. Your beard will grow to look healthy, strong and full. Herbs: Argan, Avocado, Apricot, Coffee, Tonka, Shea, Primrose. Contains real coffee beans!


2- BREAD GROWTH SERUM (See product here)


Makes your beard more soft, touchable, and rejuvenates your skin. Forget the hassle of early stage itchiness, replenish skin’s moisture with Sea Kelp Ferment and other soothing ingredients. Lead your pack with richer, more lustrous facial hair, worthy of a gentleman, scholar or rogue.

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