SPF 30 For Life: Meet our Nourishing Sunscreen with Herbal Damage Defense

SPF 30 For Life: Meet our Nourishing Sunscreen with Herbal Damage Defense

Did you know???

1- A sunscreen with SPF 30 blocks about 97 percent of UVB rays, while a sunscreen with SPF 50 blocks about 98 percent of UVB rays. Even though the SPF makes it seem as if there is a large difference between 30 and 50, there’s really only a 1 percent difference. 🌞
2- On average, people are only using a quarter to half of the recommended amount of sunscreen. You should be using one ounce of sunscreen to cover your face and body, which equates to the size of a standard shot glass. Additionally, you should be wearing sunscreen every day, all year round. You can still get burnt by the sun in the colder months, even when you’re inside. UVB is blocked by glass, but UVA — which is the one that causes sunburns — can still come through while you’re sitting at your desk at work or driving in your car. 🚘

At ElevenEleven HQ in Arizona, we have a unique relationship with the sun. Rather than shoveling snow, layering up and scraping windshields for half the year, we’re usually shoveling sunshine! “Bundling up” happens at 60 degrees rather than 20 - and trust us, the sight of Phoenicians in furs when the mercury dips below 55 gets belly laughs from visiting Midwesterners. (Hey - dry heat equals dry cold, people! Give us a break!)

While it’s common to long for bright days in many places, us desert dwellers get pretty good at dodging the sun, seeking out shade and ways to keep cool when the going gets toasty. With our 300 days of sunshine per year, living with the rays is simply a part of life in the Southwest – so where better to formulate amazingly effective SPF products?

The most effective sun protection strategy involves two key components: defense and nourishment. Enter ElevenEleven’s SPF 30 Nourishing Sunscreen with Herbal Damage Defense, which pulls double duty for your skin. Think of it as like somehow being able to get a manicure while you’re driving. (Pause here to enjoy that daydream for a minute.) Two birds with one stone!

The first item, defense, revolves around the number one essential step in your skincare regime: keeping those rays OFF YOUR SKIN! The cardinal rule is to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. For those times when you can’t avoid it, having a barrier in place to prevent rays from coming into contact with the skin’s delicate surface is key to keeping that skin just as healthy as it can be. Hats, long sleeves and high collars can all come into play, but a protective layer on your skin itself is your last line of defense. All this and residue-free, too!

In addition to providing that essential protective ‘barrier’ layer, our Nourishing Sunscreen also works to – you guessed it – nourish your skin! Behind our Z-Cote® barrier, which blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays, our herbal blend features several plant-based ingredients that work super hard to provide the skin nutrition and care you need.

Behind the scenes, our hardworking proprietary herbal defense blend takes care of essential moisturizing, replenishing moisture that’s lost as a result of sun exposure and locking it in. Dry heat truly does zap skin of its natural moisture, meaning that you desperately need to replenish it. And there’s more! Gingko biloba soothes inflammation that can cause redness. Chamomile supports skin renewal; and ginseng restores elasticity by aiding retention of your skin’s naturally-produced collagen. Calendula even has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, making it a key player in skin hygiene and clean-up operations. Aren’t plants amazing?! (Being a plant-based, vegan-friendly brand and all, we’re totally #fangirling here.)

While of course not everywhere is as sundrenched as our aptly-named Valley of the Sun, it’s important for all skin to wise up and get protected from those harmful, aging UVA and UVB rays. Providing both defense and nourishment makes ElevelenEleven’s Nourishing Sunscreen a one-stop shop for skincare during the summer months – and anywhere you deal with a lot of sun (ahem, Phoenix.) Wherever and whenever your skin is exposed, be sure to protect yourself. Your skin will thank you for it for years to come.

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