Supplements for Summer!

Supplements for Summer!

As you know – and we frequently remind you – skin care is necessary every day of the year. However, it is necessary to emphasize that during the summer months, you need an "extra" of hydration and protection. You should know that beyond a high risk of developing skin cancer (melanoma), an excessive and uncontrolled time of solar radiation causes the skin to age prematurely, losing its elasticity and favoring the appearance of wrinkles. In the short term, poorly cared for skin can become dry, rough, flaky, and take on a shriveled or cracked appearance. This is due to the loss of the moisturizing factor that must prevent the dehydration of the cells of the deeper layers.

Summertime can provide the perfect moment to revamp your skincare habits. When you give your skin an extra boost using dietary supplements, we suggest kickstarting your springtime skincare regimen to match, looking for these top 5 skin-nourishing supplement ingredients to give you springtime-fresh clean nourishment both on your face and from the inside.

Vitamin D:

“But wait! If the weather’s getting sunnier, won’t I get all the great Vit D I need from frolicking in the sunshine?” Oh, dear reader, please beware - and read on! Not only is it possible that you don’t, in fact, have hours of time to spend basking in the spring sun, it’s also possible that that’s a good thing. We are learning more all the time about the harmful effects of sun exposure, so even if you are spending more time soaking up those rays (and, granted, that vitamin D too), your skin screams, pleads and begs you to cover up (more on that in our next blog). Our Nourishing Sunscreen (SPF 30) contributes to your first line of defense, while also amping up your vitamin D quotient. The result? You don’t have to fry those pores to get the vitamin D boost your skin is craving. BOOM.

eleven eleven skin alchemy best moisturizing hyaluronic serum
Hyaluronic Acid:

Observant readers may have noticed us here at ElevenEleven HQ mentioning the esteemed hyaluronic acid, um, *all the time* 😄 This is because… it’s awesome! The secret weapon of locking in moisture, this baby also helps with soft tissue growth AND stimulates production of natural collagen. Our Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a lightweight moisturizing serum with the added anti-aging benefits of hydrolyzed collagen, plus the nutrient-dense benefit of our exclusive Sea Kelp Bioferment. This water-based facial serum uses the hydrating capabilities of hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize oily and acne-prone skin types.

eleven eleven skin alchemy folic acid
Folic Acid:

You may be familiar with this hardworking showstopper from its prevalence everywhere, from prenatal vitamins to lemons and oranges. It’s unparalleled for promoting hair growth and luster, especially when teamed with zinc (see below!). All those growing their facial hair, grab our Beard Growth Serum, featuring folic acid to get that chin feeling touchably soft.


Did you know that zinc is particularly good for your follicles? Supporting your hair follicles is an essential move to promote full and healthy hair wherever it grows, and zinc can help you right along with that project. And don’t forget about your eyelashes and eyebrows! Your makeup can (and should!) get in on the healthy springtime vibe too. Right on cue, our classic black gel eyeliner contributes responsibly-sourced zinc from vegan-friendly partners. (All those who have always loved winging their eyeliner, say “eye”!)

eleven eleven skin alchemy vitamin c
Vitamin C:

As obvious as it may seem, everyone’s favorite vitamin is both a skin and nutritional staple for a reason. The best-loved regular in fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C also boosts collagen production, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Iron it out with our Anti-Aging Day + Night Bundle, featuring vitamins A, C and E working in tandem with plant extracts to leave your skin as calm and dewy as a spring morning.

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