3 Skincare Superheroes for (Even More) Gorgeous Skin

3 Skincare Superheroes for (Even More) Gorgeous Skin

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No - it's ELEVENELEVEN's 3-Step Detox Hydration Facial Kit!

This adorable little kit features 3 supercharged secret weapons for skin! Best of all, it’s hypoallergenic and gentle enough to use two or three times a week.

Give yourself the gift of super-soft, squeaky-clean skin: it’s as easy as 1-2-3…

STEP 1. Charcoal Mask:

Our gentle yet powerful hydrating mask detoxifies skin from the environmental pollutant agents that bombard skin on a daily basis. It brings the benefits of activated charcoal: the miracle ingredient!

 Activated charcoal, also known as “activated carbon”, is formed by heating charcoal in the presence of a gas such as oxygen. This heating process creates many tiny spaces, or “pores”, within the charcoal.

As it turns out, these charcoal “pores” are perfect spaces for drawing out those pesky pollutants that we want to eliminate from the skin. Think of these beauties as bazillions of tiny little knapsacks, lifting impurities from your skin, stashing them and carrying them softly away. (Kind of adorable, when you think about it!)

Next, spread the mask generously over your entire face – or just your T-zone if you’re in need of a quicker skin detox – and relax. Grab your favorite snacks and settle in for a micro-pampering session. The mask will feel tingly as it gets to work – yet, unlike masks made with harsh synthetic chemicals, ELEVEN ELEVEN SKIN ALCHEMY's natural charcoal mask is hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive skins.

In a few minutes, your mask will begin to feel crackly as it dries. We recommend watching your Netflix comedy of choice at this point: you will literally crack a smile! After 10-20 minutes, gently remove the mask by washing your face with warm water.

STEP 2. Cucumber Eye Gel:

The next step in your pampering session is the luxurious Cucumber Eye Gel. Pro tip: We recommend storing this soothing gel in the refrigerator to add an icy boost of refreshment to your skincare routine. With the natural cooling power of cucumbers, this gel works to protect your delicate “eye orbit” from fine lines and wrinkles. 

Using your ring finger – the sweetest finger! – gently dab the gel onto the skin just beneath your eyes. The under-eye area, or orbit, is the most delicate part of your facial skin and one of the most delicate areas of skin on your entire body, making a gentle touch essential. Keeping this area well-hydrated is an effective way to reduce puffiness associated with the dreaded under-eye bag.

STEP 3. Hydrating Face Moisturizer

Finally, smooth the intensive Hydrating Face Moisturizer Cream all over your face. This hardworking moisture miracle is specifically formulated to lock in moisture, replenishing and rebuilding your skin’s natural protective moisture barrier.

The naturally-occurring barrier that protects all human skin is gradually diminished over the course of a day, through exposure to all manner of environmental pollution, airborne irritants and micro-particles as we go about modern life.

This final moisturizing step provides a simple way to rehydrate facial pores after all those environmental impurities have been washed away. The result: miraculously soft, clean and healthier skin. For optimum results, apply the cream daily first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Go glow! GET IT HERE

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