What's on your face?

What's on your face?

Hey! What's that on your face?

No, really: Do you know what’s in your makeup products?

Okay, let’s rewind for a sec. Imagine the care you take to ensure your food is healthy. Balanced. Organic. (And yes, we definitely count organic chips and salsa.)

How about your cleansers, soaps and other skincare products? We’re guessing they’re all super clean. (If you’re already a devotee of ELEVENELEVEN’s amazing Skin Alchemy range, of course, this is a given!)

We’ve been thinking about all the time and effort you put in each day to cleansing and prepping your skin, ensuring that it’s as clean and healthy as possible.


Now imagine putting makeup products on your face every day, immediately after cleansing, that compromise that clean result. That would just make no sense, right?!

For example, did you know that many foundations include phthalates, GMOs, parabens and all sorts of “skin junk food”? Probably not what you want to be rubbing into the same beautiful skin that you just put all that effort into getting squeaky-clean. Sneaky fillers to watch out for on ingredients lists include mica and bismuth oxychloride, plus other usual suspects such as gluten, parabens and talc. Pretty unnatural gunk, people. We see this as like junk food for skin.

Enter ELEVEN ELEVEN SKIN ALCHEMY makeup. Having seen so much love for our vegan, organic, gluten-free skincare products, we have a beautiful new offering. ELEVEN ELEVEN SKIN ALCHEMY all-new makeup line features stunning cosmetic items lovingly designed and formulated with our signature vegan, hypoallergenic, all-inclusive and cruelty-free philosophy, to extend the ethical confidence you have in your skincare products to your cosmetics as well.

It makes all the sense.

By using the nutrient-packed power of superfoods in all our ELEVEN ELEVEN SKIN ALCHEMY products, we think of it as feeding your skin from the outside as well as the inside.

ELEVEN ELEVEN SKIN ALCHEMY makeup is an extension of the love that you show your skin at every step of your skincare routine. Our makeup takes the deep, pure organic properties of your favorite ELEVENELEVEN Skin Alchemy products and gently incorporates them into tasteful cosmetics.

 These come in a full rainbow of shades formulated for all melanin levels, all genders and all skin types, taking your balanced (and of course vegan) look right through from morning ‘til night.

Having been cared for with a thoroughly gentle cleanse using our Skin Alchemy range, your already-gorgeous face now gets the complete star treatment! Classic products are given our own signature take: luxe liquid foundation, soft highlighter cream, all-star mascara, luscious eyeshadows and so much more – all perfectly primed to accentuate your features and even your tone. All this while sustaining your principles and your glow, right to the heart of your cosmetics. It’s time to gild that lily!

Every single one of our lovingly-prepared products is cruelty-free, vegan and all-gender. Oh, and did we mention all our products and their ingredients are sourced and formulated exclusively in North America? No outsourcing, no animal testing, no nasties, ever. We promote our loving and inclusive vibe throughout our philosophy, #skinclusive. All skin is welcome.

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